A little something about us.

Who are we?

Studio Plum is the virtual workplace of Tom Maebe. Since 2004 he works together with freelancers and advertising agencies.
We have a no-nonsense approach, simple and straightforward. No fancy suit, luxury car or office to impress here. We will rather impress you with our work and superior service.

We keep our focus by doing a lot of sports (e.g. freediving) and smell fresh air once in a while (e.g. portraying insects in far away jungles).

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What Can We Do For You?

Below you see a list with all our services. Click on one if you 'd like to know more about the particular service.

Web Design

A very broad term encompassing all work needed for the look and feel of a website or web application. We think of creating user interface & usability design, writing mark-up language like HTML & CSS, webanimations, etc. Currently we encourage clients to have responsive websites, which layouts adapt to any screensize (especially aimed towards the plethora of tablets and smart phones out there).
Try it with this website!


We help companies by creating time winning applications to improve their workflow. Think of easy to use server based software designed specifically for your needs and always reachable through any device.
We develop:
gorgeous websites
sturdy internet applications
easy to use content management systems(CMS)


We help you designing your company an original & handsome face.
Logo, greeting cards, business cards, brochures,...


We can host your website or internet application, register your domain, provide you with emailaccount(s), a FTP server,...In short all what you need to get your website or application online and accessible to the world.

For who?

Everyone out there. Our clients range from creative individuals starting up a business over non-profit organizations to well established (international) companies.

Client list

Campina, Red Bull, Cayman, ACO, UG, Raygun, FM Brussel, Pixies, Spector Photo Group, Museum Dr. Guislain, Immotheker, Vanhie, Pole Pole, Dranouter, Lauwersgames, Moana Seafood, Eugene & Louise, Birg, Aksident, Probo nv, Andrea Croonenberghs, Steph Goossens, Wouter Deprez, Swanlake (Vanessa Van Durme), Kixx, DUBOIS meet FUGGER (rip), DJ Grazzhoppa's Bigband, Pascale Platel, La Muse Gueule, Sancta, The Rhythm Junks, ianka Fleerackers, Clin d'oeil, Gert Stevens, De Troubadour, Serendipity Movies, Digital Einstein, Motek, Via08, Kandela, Milkandcookies, Parca,....

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